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What People Say

CV Development and LinkedIn

"That is fantastic and is looking great. Thank you so much for your time and hard work. I think what you have done is exceptional work and will be recommending you to friends and work colleagues" Data Specialist

"Hi Alisa. Thanks so much for this! You have done a great job on my CV, far better than what I could have accomplished. I will definetly be recommending your service" Marketing Manager

"Love the work you have done here - had amazing interview yesterday, and I think its only a result of the CV!" Chief Financial Officer

"Hi Alisa, Many thanks for this, I'm blown away - you've managed to capture everything absolutely perfectly" Market Insights Manager

Outplacement Workshops

"A very good session to prepare for the next steps – covered all the key areas."

"The presenter gave her knowledge and completely valued and respected her audience." 

"Effective speakers, covered all the most important topics, informative handouts, positive approach and philosophy."

"For someone stuck in the process this has jolted us/me into thinking about the task ahead"

"An opportunity to evaluate and consider how to be a more successful job applicant, improving on the skills I already have."

"The instructor was positive and was great at acknowleding all the contriubtions made by attendees." 

"I have been re-engergised by todays workshop"

"Found the CV elements particularly useful"

"Very useful day. Comprehensive coverage"

Career Workshops

"This session was very beneficial. I am now confident I can complete the personal and professional development assessment with better clarity and confidence. This has been the most practical session in this paper so far"

"It is great to get some knowledge about career development & CV and also skills, especially when you are close to finishing an MBA"

"Thank you so much for your time. It gave me a direction that I can begin to work with. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

"Great presentation and will be making contact for career advice"

"Very practical and I learnt something very useful"

Career Coaching

"My workplace situation meant that I was keen for a new job.  I was making  applications and although  I was experiencing some success with initial interviews and sometimes through to final interview stage, I was not getting any further.  I knew that I needed to improve my interview skills  if I was to get that job offer.
Career Design was recommended to me. I committed to a full process which included identifying values, compatible workplace environments, career goal setting and associated action planning. Alisa's skill and support in creating a new CV and covering letter as well as interview coaching was high quality and enjoyable. Her advice/challenge to apply for 3 jobs a week kept the momentum up. I took time off work to dedicate quality time to her coaching. To be able to debrief with Alisa post interview was really useful and I gained a huge amount of confidence in my ability to interview successfully. I began to do really well including a close second for a position that I had no sector  experience in. The job I accepted is a leadership one, very aligned with the career goals that I had  clarified with the Career Design coaching and the context of the role is a perfect match for me. Hence, I am highly motivated and engaged. Thanks to Alisa and Career Design's processes."
General Manager

"Dear Alisa. The experience and insights from working with you directly contributed to our success – THANKS!" Department Head

"It is good having this discussion with you Alisa, it has helped me think deeper as to what I really want for my career." Business Analyst