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Online Job Search Strategy and Interview Skills Packages

Finding a job can be a daunting process, especially in a competitive and challenging market. To successfully navigate this constantly evolving journey, you need to market and promote yourself in a way that highlights your skills and capabilities, in addition to finding employers that are a strong cultural fit. My programmes are designed to provide you with support over a range of topics that best suit your outplacement and job search needs, and ensure you are ready to tackle the market with confidence!

If you need individual support, then our coaching programmes offer a fantastic opportunity to discuss your concerns, ideas and strategies in navigating the job market.

The purpose of job search coaching is to enable individuals to take ownership and control of their job search and move quickly into the job market with confidence and preparedness. I use my expertise of the job market to support individuals in building a professional brand that will help secure your next outstanding role. 

We can provide specialist support in:

  • Tackling behavioural interview questions
  • Identifying job search strategies
  • Creating a meaningful professional brand
  • Maximising online job search
  • Preparing for presentations in interviews

If your organisation is facing restructure contact us today to find the perfect programme for you and your team.

Online Career Coaching

Career coaching is a positive interactive process that supports individuals in the exploration and identification of a career path that bests aligns with their values, motivators, and skills, helping them formulate a career future that best suits them, while boosting their productivity, engagement and alignment within an organisation. 

The purpose of coaching is to enable individuals to take ownership and control of their career paths. At Careers by Design, I use robust tools to help support career decision-making and provide you with the resources to make career choices that maximise your abilities, productivity and motivation to achieve your goals.

We can provide specialist support in:

  • Career planning
  • Long-term vision development
  • Short-term goals
  • Personal branding

Career Assessment

Some people require additional tools or assessment to assist them in the exploration and identification of careers that are most aligned with their interests, values, motivators, and skills. At Careers by Design we have two online assessments available:

  • MBTI – for employees wanting to understand more about their personality and the impact and benefits this can have on their career
  • Morrisby – for employees looking to move across the organisation into a new role, this tool can assist with the identification of career options that are most suited to their aptitudes, working style and preferred working environment


"Dear Alisa. The experience and insights from working with you directly contributed to our success – THANKS!" Department Head

"It is good having this discussion with you Alisa, it has helped me think deeper as to what I really want for my career." Business Analyst

"I have been extremely fortunate to have engaged Samara’s expertise to coach me through a major career change. Samara is very perceptive in her understanding of the human psyche, and has the ability to draw the very best out of people. She is very astute in understanding what recruitment consultants and prospective employers are looking for from job applicants, and providing coaching advice to job seekers on how best to represent themselves. Samara is a genuine “people-person” and a real pleasure to know and work with" Chief Information Officer